"Something old and something new" by Pamela Hanné - Mankovsky Gallery

"Something old and something new" by Pamela Hanné

by Jonatan Erlandsson

Driven by passion, fueled by a creative heart. See the world through Pamela's lens.
Her individual voice is reflected directly in the artistry. Inspired by women's freedom. She has a seemless way of encapsulating physical femininity and beauty, all while giving a middle finger to the norms society places upon us.
Pamela has been working in the business of photography since 1999. With projects taking her all around the world.
Her artwork today is highly sought after and balances both personal experience with her ability to find beauty and irony in the unexpected.  
Each unique concept is personal. From start to finish. With a background in make up artistry and styling, she not only holds the vision. She makes it come to life. Literally.

A trending factor in much of her art work. You will find...
Something old,
Something new,
Something borrowed,
Something true,
(perhaps even, a modish high-heeled shoe...)

”Styling, location, timing and creating photos in artistic harmony is like doing a magic trick with time. Therefore, I am the magician.” - Pamela