"Line Tamer" by Damien Weighill - Mankovsky Gallery

"Line Tamer" by Damien Weighill

by Jonatan Erlandsson

Being a line tamer isn’t easy. There’s doodles, thingies and twists. Eyes, ears, tears and fears all channeled through a renowned illustrators handiwork. Did you know planet earth isn’t doing to well? Damien Weighill knows that and shows that explicitly in his work “Earth Cry” as well as urging handshakes and compromise before continuing wars in his “War Is Over” series.

Everything illustrated isn’t for kids - but a present sentiment of never letting go of your inner child - makes Damien’s works both playful and true when uncovering hard truths. Damien Weighill is a London based illustrator who’ve been commissioned to tame lines for some of the worlds biggest lifestyle concepts such as Adidas, YouTube and Google.

Always in pursuit of the next idea, using his signature simple hand-drawn line and bold color, he creates work that is playful and often humorous and not seldom criticizes- as well as praises global initiatives surrounding environment and sustainability.

In collaboration with Jealous Gallery in London we at Mankovsky Gallery have curated seven ,never before seen works, from Damien.
These works are exclusively represented by us and dates back to Damien's personal works from 2012 and onwards.

All editions are offered in limited, numbered and signed by Damien on accompanying "Certificate of Authenticity"