Crying Boy on Blue by Shuby - Mankovsky Gallery
Crying Boy on Blue by Shuby - Mankovsky Gallery
Crying Boy on Blue by Shuby - Mankovsky Gallery

Crying Boy on Blue

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"Crying Boy on Blue" (2012), Hastings.
The origins of this piece is the mythical Giovanni Bragolin mass produced image of the 1950's painting 'Crying Boy'. These paintings amongst other morose images of crying children are now often to be found discarded in charity shops, car boot sales and vintage stores.

Shuby has taken this iconic image, rescuing him from his past, transforming him with her infamous bunny motif and elevating him with a super hero mask. No longer the carrier of a tragic tale he is now immersed in vibrant color, subverting his original identity with humor and given back to us in pop art style.

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