Julius Nordvinter

Hopplös nog

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This is a unique work

Julius comprehensive body of work is collectively titled “Viaje Azul,” which translates to “Blue Travel.” “Viaje Azul” serves as his enduring mantra, seamlessly woven into every artwork he completes. It… Read more



This is a unique work.


This artwork is a part of an exclusive collaboration together with the artist, Julius Nordvinter, and is only available on Mankovsky Gallery. Once it's sold it will never be restocked or available again. The artwork is signed by the artist.


Original on canvas painted with acrylic paint, color pastels, spray paint and crayons.


Each of Julius paintings hides secret messages in the alphabet he created. When ready he will release a Rosetta Stone that will decrypt the alphabet and the meaning and hidden messages in the painting and on the back will be revealed to the ones who own the paintings.


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