Purple Lupins by Luap - Mankovsky Gallery
Purple Lupins by Luap - Mankovsky Gallery
Purple Lupins by Luap - Mankovsky Gallery

Purple Lupins

Regular price€350
Limited edition of 175
The Pink Bear spreads his arms as he moves happily through an endless field of purple Lupins. A slice of blue sky is purposefully composed at the top of the image similar to how a child might draw a sky. A snow capped mountain appears in the distance, rising out of the green hilltops. The overall scene has such perfect combination of natural elements it is almost as if it has been digitally created, yet this is a photograph of reality with no manipulation. The Pink Bear bring a sense of fantasy to an otherwise natural landscape, which is why it is so important we protect this beautiful planet and enjoy all it has to offer.

We produce all artworks by hand in Sweden using the best archival Hahnemühle paper and the finest pigment inks which meets and exceeds museum in quality and age resistance.

Each artwork comes stamped and quality assured- signed on its back, numbered appropriately and embossed with the Mankovsky Gallery embossing stamp before being packed in our midnight black velvet roll.

Each artwork is made on demand and we reserve up to 14 days of production for every order. We offer free Home deliveries worldwide with DHL Express. All orders are traceable and insured.

If you are not satisfied with your order you can return an artwork within 14 days of delivery. Contact us to receive a prepaid shipping label.

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Each artwork is strictly limited and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist. We represent each artwork exclusively and once it has been sold out it will never be restocked again.


We produce every artwork by hand in over 40 manual steps in our Swedish lab, using high-end inkjet paper from Hahnemühle® which meets and exceeds any museum standard.


Every artwork is created on demand with sustainable materials and we work actively on minimizing our carbon footprint through active initiatives of reforestation and animal protection.

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