1. Read more: "Showgirls" by Anna Vinterfall
    "Showgirls" by Anna Vinterfall - Mankovsky Gallery

    "Showgirls" by Anna Vinterfall

    by Fredrik Svanberg

    Anna Vinterfall is a Stockholm based visual photographer and artist The surreal images of her photographic series are on the border between visua...
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  2. Read more: "Rebel Rebel" by Russell Marshall
    "Rebel Rebel" by Russell Marshall - Mankovsky Gallery

    "Rebel Rebel" by Russell Marshall

    by Jonatan Erlandsson

    Russell Marshall is a London-based artist, journalist, art director, designer and is a 25 year veteran of the British tabloid press. His work uses iconic celebrity imagery given and old-school production techniques such as screen printing, platemaking, colour separation, CMYK colours and halftones.
    Marshall’s retro production style and choice of images stem from the golden days of the red top press, when the best pictures and the best stories made the best front pages.
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  3. Read more: "Something old and something new" by Pamela Hanné
    "Something old and something new" by Pamela Hanné - Mankovsky Gallery

    "Something old and something new" by Pamela Hanné

    by Jonatan Erlandsson

    Driven by passion, fueled by a creative heart. See the world through Pamela's lens.
    Her individual voice is reflected directly in the artistry. Inspired by women's freedom. She has a seemless way of encapsulating physical femininity and beauty, all while giving a middle finger to the norms society places upon us.
    Pamela has been working in the business of photography since 1999. With projects taking her all around the world.
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  4. Read more: "Lips" by Sara Pope
    "Lips" by Sara Pope - Mankovsky Gallery

    "Lips" by Sara Pope

    by Jonatan Erlandsson

    Contemporary artist Sara Pope is best known for her bold, seductive paintings of voluptuous lips. Taking inspiration from a successful career in the fashion industry (as a shoe designer for brands such as Paul Smith), and her work in magazines as a designer and art director, Sara aims to capture the sensuality and seductive power conveyed by the lips and mouth. Interested in questions of beauty, communication, and the rise of image perfectionism, Sara uses the perspective of her commercial experience to explore these themes.
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  5. Read more: "Her forms" by Simon Lohmeyer
    "Her forms" by Simon Lohmeyer - Mankovsky Gallery

    "Her forms" by Simon Lohmeyer

    by Jonatan Erlandsson

    Having gathered experience in front of the camera as a model and as a presenter for GQ, the Berlin-based creative entrepreneur Simon Lohmeyer is now focused on exploring his passion for photography. His images spark tales of an eccentric and indulgent lifestyle shaped by opulent parties, intimate encounters and globetrotting adventures. Whilst the settings vary from rugged landscapes to urban scenes to luxurious interiors, the nude forms which inhabit them lend an air of raw human experience that connects us all.

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  6. Read more: "By Design" by Vincent Laine
    "By Design" by Vincent Laine - Mankovsky Gallery

    "By Design" by Vincent Laine

    by Jonatan Erlandsson

    I was born into a family where craft and art was a part of life. I took my first steps around
    furniture made by my mom, I played hide and seek in my grandfather’s atelier - who was a
    silversmith, my funky clothes were often made by my mom or grandmother and I used to
    fall asleep watching my aunts surrealist paintings hanging next to my bed.
    Retrospectively looking, I started searching for my personal creative field already back
    then for which I could start dedicating time and craft.
    At the age of 19 I started design school although I was dreaming of becoming a rockstar
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