"Courtside Legacy" by Kevin Couliau - Mankovsky Gallery

"Courtside Legacy" by Kevin Couliau

by Fredrik Svanberg

Award winning documentarist, artist and avid basketball enthusiast Kevin Couliau exhibits 9 works from his extensive career of traveling the globe, capturing the very essence of basketball. The courts, the people, the aestethics and the lifestyle compiled and showcased in his "Courtside Legacy" exhibition.

Kevin Couliau articulates the beauty of basketball through photographs that express the nature, aesthetic and culture of the sport. 
Inspired by an early love for the game, the Paris-based photographer and filmmaker searches for stories that reveal basketball's impact on individuals and their communities, while demonstrating its universality throughout the world.

Couliaus' acute awareness of sociology, urban design and architecture converge into the composition and content of his photographs, and in 2012 culminated into the award-winning documentary "Doin’It In The Park", a film featuring New York City’s most prolific basketball courts and its historical pick-up basketball scene. Kevin Couliau publishes an independent magazine Asphalt Chronicles that distills topics and aesthetics of pick-up basketball culture. In addition he works on assignments globally for commercial clients including the NBA, Apple and Nike.