"Showgirls" by Anna Vinterfall - Mankovsky Gallery

"Showgirls" by Anna Vinterfall

by Fredrik Svanberg

Anna Vinterfall is a Stockholm based visual photographer and artist The surreal images of her photographic series are on the border between visual illusions and reality.

Ansel Adams once stated;

“Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied.”

Working digitally allows to move forward and backwards and play with ideas really quickly layering the pictures to slowly build up the composition. Like DNA, every single pixel  carry the source of an origin but then I’m using them layer by layer to create something completely new.



Being a showgirl isn't just lashes and lips. It is an art form. To hold the audience with the gliding grace of a dancer, to captivate with your voice, to delight in the fantasy of the female form.

Showgirls are the religion of beauty and class, completely in control of the power of femininity.


Through the lense, Anna Vinterfall depicts the modern day showgirl with intimately captured snapshots of an extraordinary everyday life of a Las Vegas showgirl.

Experts within their art of performing, athletes of their craft of sensuality we are invited to glimpse behind the facade of the professionals of the iconic city of sin and desire.


Dannie”, 2019, The Strip.

From small town Niskayuna to Las Vegas, starring at Jubilée, Ballys, the last running original showgirl production, Dannie spent a lifetime dedicated to her craft of dancing to be able to fullfill her dream of starring on Las Vegas biggest stage. Captured in original ”Jubliée” costume at The Strip in Vegas.


Helen”. 2016, Los Angeles

During a session of performance art I got close to Helen, a veteran showgirl of Vegas, when we were in LA for a traveling show. Out of the thousands of photos that day this specific photo captured Helens body's unwavering will to remain afloat in a perfect moment of absolute tranquility.


Teta & Jazz”, 2018, Summerlin Las Vegas

Teta & Jazz haven been performing their fire breathing, rock n roll, aerial, sparks and pyro show all over the world. They are stars of the show ”Fuel Girls”. I wanted to bring out their inne girls, hence moving away from their usual leather-and-tough-badass-tattoo-and-steel-routine, the absolute contrast with bubblegum coloured balloons and high heels.


Lucia”, 2019, Summerlin Las Vegas

I captured contortionist Lucia, resident in the show ”Opium” for Spiegel World. The absolute flexibility of Lucias body, the defiance of gravity and physical laws makes it so she appears almost floating when standing perfectly still. Lucias performing art is beautifully mastered in our full day session at my house in Summerlin, Las Vegas.