"Hidden meanings" by TEZ - Mankovsky Gallery

"Hidden meanings" by TEZ

by Fredrik Svanberg

Working alongside renowned street artists, TEZ has established his recognisable geometric shapes that allow for playful interactions between his art and its audience. In most of his works there are intricate patterns hiding symbols, words and a deeper meaning.

TEZ graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2010 with a Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern degree. Today keeping himself in the bustling Shoreditch area working and creating at Jealous Gallery. Inspired by the colour, lines and energy of city life, Tez expresses his unique style through a diverse range of processes and media. He uses intricate stencil methods such as screen printing, taping and paper cutting to create fine art screen prints and wallpapers, as well as spray painted murals and painted canvasses.

The curated selection of works by TEZ are in collaboration between us at Mankovsky Gallery and Jealous Gallery. These three works make up a collection of typical TEZism creations with their geometrical labyrinths which all hold special and focused meanings.