"Bananas and crying boys" by Shuby - Mankovsky Gallery

"Bananas and crying boys" by Shuby

by Jonatan Erlandsson

Shuby's street art began in 2006 with work inspired by the singer and dancer Josephine Baker, illustrator Martin Sharp and film maker Busby Berkeley's, 'Lady In The Tutti Frutti Hat'. The common motif of the three being the banana. Shuby has pasted her collaged posters in many destinations around the world from busy cities like New York, London, Paris and Sydney to abandoned worlds of Doel, Belgium and Teufelsberg spy station, Berlin. Her banana and bunny motif have become a naughty but innocent calling card, instantly recognizable and intrinsically humorous.

Shuby had her 1st major solo show in the iconic Soho area of London which has in recent years been through a process of intense gentrification. She drew inspriration from the area's connection to retro saucy films, sex industry and strip shows creating a body of canvas silk screen prints and light pieces re inventing film posters and ads with her own cheeky motifs of bowlers hats, bunny's and bananas. Some of these work are in permanent collections in the private member's bars and venues of Soho.